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Friday, Jan. 2nd 2015

Making the Cloud Accessible: Learning for those with limited mobility

Online learning is make a difference to everyday people. I wish it had been available for my Mother and Grandmother. I remember seeing my Grandmother sitting, looking out the window waiting for… I’m not sure what. She didn’t drive and there was no place to go in this very small town where she was moved after she left the farm. I would always spend several weeks with my grandmother each summer. She lived to be 103 years old and for most of those years she remained mentally sharp and continued to have a desire to learn. However, there were no avenues available for older adults to learn in the half block of buildings they called a town.

My mother, a keen businesswoman, would have been a great mentor to young entrepreneurs. She and my dad started their own business and raised their eight children in the process. However, there wasn’t a mechanism in place to connect her to young women who wanted to start businesses. That is the beauty of having a network that connects people for the purpose of learning.

On-line learning will touch people like my mother and my grandmother who didn’t drive and rarely got out of the house. They will be able to access topics of interest from their homes and have social interactions that were missing especially in my grandmother’s life.

Retired adults who have a powerful story, talent, expertise or who want to give back through mentoring programs or other activities can find a way to connect online. If a person is concerned about clean water in 3rd world countries or women’s rights they can connect with other interested individuals and organizations to help bring about change. Why not join an online exercise class or a book club. This will only be limited by our imaginations.

One thing is sure, those who are homebound or those who just want to reach beyond their community need not give up on making a difference in this world. The doors are more open than they ever have been.

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